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    Edward Pontacoloni resides in Lake George, New York with his wife, Janice.  His children, Eddie, Nicholas, Denise and Michael are grown.

    Rooster was born on February 5, 2001 and christened Ruff Creek Jebadiah. Jebadiah is a biblical name associated with both companionship and woodsmanship.  

    Rooster never was a field trial dog of any merit.  He did win a CASDA walking, All Age Championship one year, and he received a fourth place ribbon in a Brittany Amateur Open Dog horseback stake another year.  His best race was probably run in a later Gordon Setter Amateur Open Dog horseback stake, although he wasn’t awarded a placement. It was a memorable race, though, at least so said the gallery.  “Made history,” they said. Although a “mongrel breed,” Rooster is registered in the Field Dog Stud Book of the American Field Sporting Dog Association.

    Rooster was a very dear friend and hunting companion. He went to rest on September 16, 2014 and is buried in Lake George, New York.

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