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There is a magic in this story, a blue butterfly sprite from the once, long ago forests of Ireland.  And, there is the Irish Tom Quinn, an old field trialer, who would pin his dream of a national championship upon the likes of sprites and leprechauns.


There is the teenaged Michael, a novice who, with Tom’s niece Amy, shares Tom’s dreams in a sport where the competition can be conspiratorial and snarling.  And, then, there is Rooster, the flop eared, yellow-eyed “mongrel breed” with just enough heart to make a fanciful dream come true.


But, in their way is Red Eyes, a devil of a dog, a gun slinger dog in a cowboy kind of game.  And, there are the men that made him that way, Buck Arness and Tall Charlie Hinkle, recognizable by their wiry frames and ashen skin, by the dirt beneath their fingernails.

Not above sabotage, inclined to wait in ambuscade, they are coming east to the Nationals, coming east to best Tom and Mike and Rooster.

Rooster is a work about sporting dogs and the competitive world of bird dog field trials that is earthy, credible and witty.  The characters (and dogs) seem ever so real.  The style has great flow and will leave the reader hungry for more.

David Smith, the Executive Director of the Bird Dog Foundation.


When reading Rooster I began a journey that takes me to places that are warm, friendly and oh so true…thumbs up for a well done tribute to these amazing dogs we call our friends…I encourage everyone who has a dog to read this delightful work.

Field trial reporter and competitor, Mazie Davis of Davis Kennels, Alabama, wife of Field Trial Hall of Famer Colvin Davis.

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